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Released projects

A game called "Babies"

When I was a child, a friend's father had a PC, because he worked as a banker and had got it through his work. On the PC were a few games, one of which was about rescuing babies from a burning building.

I created this game without researching the exact details of that game, but instead going from memory.

I did put quite a bit of effort into this. I wrote the game engine with SDL2, OpenGL and OpenAL, and it's my first game where I make some screen effects, and the first with some audio effort put into it.

The game has executables for Linux and Windows.

Download here - babies.zip

A game called script_puzzler

The game is similar to Sokoban

This is one of the first products from when I got serious about the fact, that I wasn't finishing anything; or putting in the effort to create something I could show to people.

I have fond memories of the development of this, because I didn't hesitate anywhere. I just opened up The Gimp and created the art, without thinking about what to do. And I even created a weird scripting language, which lets you create ASCII art, which would turn into the level design. It even supports defining what symbols mean, which allows for buttons and movables. This was the first time I coded parsing.

The game is played with the arrow keys, and ENTER progresses to the next level, and F1 resets the current level. The game was developed on Linux, and only compiles for Linux.

Download here - script_puzzler.tar.bz2